of Kentucky.

BLACK is an organizing home. We are working to transform and realign current systems of power to meet the needs of all BLACK people.

Our Story



BLACK's founders send delegates to the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) Black National Convention in 2020 which inspired the founders of BLACK to create a Black-led political organization in Kentucky. 


BLACK founds its first voter mobilization program, the Alberta Odell Jones Independent Black Voters Association, to contact Black voters in Kentucky ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.



BLACK's founders begin fundraising and strategy development and the organization is named: Black Leadership Action Coalition of Kentucky (BLACK).



BLACK hires Celine Mutuyemariya as Electoral Justice Organizing Director


BLACK launches a 2022 Electoral Justice campaign


BLACK hires Talesha Wilson as Grassroots Leadership Development Director



BLACK hires Rebecca Ward as GOLD Program Coordinator


BLACK continues working towards our mission and vision through organizational development, basebuilding, and leadership development and begins its GOLD Fellowship program.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build communities in which Black people are able to thrive and flourish. We want to build systems that promote collaboration and cooperation as opposed to competition; systems that support Black people in reaching our full potential. We see a future of abundance; we have all that we need to ensure that people have their needs met and that they are supported during moments of hardship.

We envision a world where the practice of mutual aid and redistribution is normalized. A world that prioritizes joy, care, and rest over productivity.

Our vision for Black people is inclusive of Black people of all identities and intersections, including identities that people have yet to feel safe and empowered enough to explore and share.

We envision a world that prioritizes support and resourcing as opposed to control, punishment, and incarceration. A world that allows us to pursue our dreams, to experiment, and to fail without embarrassment and disgrace. A world that moves us away from shame and ego and closer to love and compassion.

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